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Overcome your fear of video & discover how to reach more clients


Overcome your fear of video & discover how to reach more clients

Share your expertise in the most effective way possible.

When you have so much to share with the world, it can be challenging to know where to devote your energy. Fortunately, there's a shortcut to reaching your ideal client and customers.

Discover the quickest method to help people understand why they absolutely need to have your products and services.

That secret?




You May Be Wondering...

Is it possible to appear confident & knowledgable when I don't have a lot of experience with video?

How can I make use of video as a shy person who feels awkward putting myself out there?

What's the best way to build an audience that actually cares about what I have to say?

How do I present my skills and experience in a way that allows people to understand my expertise?

When making content, how much of my personal and professional lives should I be sharing?

What happens if I put a lot of energy into making content or products and all I hear are crickets?

Good news—figuring all this out doesn't have to be complicated.


Help others learn from your experiences

Help others learn from your experiences

The best way to build your brand online?

You know you have a lot to offer, with years of gaining knowledge and and building your expertise under your belt.

And still, it's incredibly challenging to step out of your comfort zone and 'go public' with your story and the lessons it holds.

When I started speaking out about the issues I cared most about, I felt uncomfortable. I had spent my whole life hiding behind business names and pretty logos, and I didn't know what the public me would look like.

It was like giving birth to entirely new persona. I knew it was ready to come out, but the process was still painful.

To make matters more complicated, I could see that video was becoming increasingly important, but it felt like a steep learning curve to master. I didn't know if people would take me seriously or find value in what I had to say.

I almost quit before anyone could see me make a fool of myself.

But then...

I decided to rise to the challenge and push myself to the next level.

Slowly but surely, I worked up the confidence to stick my neck out further than I ever had before.

I shed the corporate-sounding business names and started speaking as myself, from the heart. Bit by bit, I pushed myself to the next new edge of my comfort zone.

Drawing on my social media marketing background, I developed a few unusual audience-building strategies with the aim of getting noticed fast.

To my surprise, my techniques actually worked.

Almost immediately, I began to attract a tribe.

This was a group of people who cared what I had to say, took the time to engage with my content, and most importantly, signed on as high-value 1:1 clients.

Other people noticed too: I started getting requests to be featured on podcasts and interviewed for New York Times bestselling books. I was even featured Forbes & The Huffington Post as one of the top business leaders to follow online.

My business snowballed faster than I ever imagined it would.




Video was my ticket to building influence online

Video was my ticket to building influence online

With video, I fast-tracked my audience building.

And building an audience is what allowed me to grow a profitable business.

It's not rocket science. It's more like people science.

The truth is, people are pretty predictable. My years as a social media marketer, observing communication and purchasing behavior, taught me the psychology of persuasion and sales that unites humans from all corners of the world.

My experience building my own personal brand helped me discover insights into my own psychology—all those personal blocks and insecurities that were the real reasons I was hiding my true self online.

And ultimately, you can break down most of what I accomplished down to simple formulas that anyone can use to build their own brand.

Introducing my recipe for establishing an digital presence that gets you noticed

Available through January 31

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A Quick & Easy Blueprint To launching your video presence

This course includes:

• The hacks I use to get comfortable and appear confident on camera

• Details about how to position yourself as a highly regarded authority in your field of expertise, while maintaining truthfulness & integrity

• Specific exercises my clients have used (with great success!) to refine what they say about their businesses on camera

• A clear breakdown of 2017's most effective platforms for building your personal brand via video, with specific suggestions about which ones work best for your industry

• The exact content blueprint that I used to go from wallflower to Forbes-featured Top Business Guru in less than one year

• A deep look inside my social media strategy and how I built my following so quickly

• An overview of the social media techniques that are actually working right now, so you can stay ahead of the curve

What you receive:

36 bite-sized video lessons split across eight different modules

• Your own 26-page Personal Branding Workbook, complete with 40 different exercises to clarify your priorities and chart the course of your upcoming business growth

• My handwritten 24-page 2017 Social Media Guide, explaining how I use each platform and which I recommend you spend time on during the coming year

Two bonus PDFs: "Six Tips to Use Stories to Build Your Following" & "Top Three Time-Tested Tribe Building Techniques"

• Detailed instructions about everything from the basics of personal branding to creating an innovative video strategy

My very own content formula, which you can apply across all of your content, no matter the situation, products, and circumstances 

• A sample content calendar that you can use to plan your content and create consistency in your online presence in 2017