Are you ready to turn your expertise into freedom?


Are you ready to turn your expertise into freedom?

You've worked hard for your skills.
Now let them work for you.


10 Steps to a KILLER Brand

You've spent years building your expertise. Wouldn't it be great if you could translate that knowledge into a business that brought you both freedom & fulfillment?

Most people start with what they think are the basics: A flashy website, a zillion Facebook posts, a pretty logo.

What those people don't realize is that all those marketing efforts—and the thousands of dollars they spent on them—will be for nothing if you don't first create a strong brand foundation.

My name is Erica Blair, and I help budding entrepreneurs like you get absolutely crystal clear on the fundamentals of a successful business.

Together we uncover on your vision for your life & business; the exact types of clients you're best suited to help; how to package & price your services; and how to present yourself and your skills in a way that gets people to say 'Hell yes!' to what you have to offer.

Over the past six years, I've translated my background in branding & marketing into a highly profitable coaching & consulting brand that has allowed me to travel the world while working on my own time.

Now I help other skilled professionals plan out how to launch their own independent brands as coaches, consultants, trainers, authors, and speakers who get noticed for the tremendous value they provide to others.

A solid foundation is the quickest road to high-paying clients.

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Starting a new business is a big undertaking.

Up until now, you've just been a person — and now you have to figure out how to turn yourself into a 'brand' without losing your authenticity.

This leads a lot of people to feel like they're stuck in the weeds, unable to find a clear path amidst competing ideas of who they could help, and foggy notions of exactly what they might be able to sell to make the much-promised big bucks at the end of the rainbow.

When you're getting started, the essential first step is clarity.

Clarity on your vision, on who you can help, on how you can help them, and on what exactly you're going to say to convince them you're the right person for the job.

Without a clear roadmap in each of these areas, transitioning to your new business can take months or years to pull off.

I've worked with dozens of new entrepreneurs like you to help break through the fog and nail down precisely what you offer, to whom, and for how much.

Once we do this legwork, everything else starts to flow easily — website copy, social media posts, video content, even conversations with friends who are curious about your new venture. When you have a good grasp on what exactly what you're building, the words almost write themselves. 


Branding is an art – but building a brand foundation is a process.

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Like a home, every business is a unique reflection of the person who inhabits it.

But also like a home, every business need to have a strong foundation. Without it, anything you build will quickly crumble.

I often encounter people who have discovered the concept of branding and brand strategy too late. They wonder why they're not finding clients and why their marketing efforts are bearing little fruit.

When I dig a little deeper, it's always the same story: They didn't take the time to identify why they were building a business, who they were building it for, what exactly they're selling, and how to communicate about it.

Which is why my Brand Strategy programs always include four essential ingredients:

VISION: Understanding what you want to accomplish with your life & business

IDEAL CLIENT: Clarifying the exact type of person you're most capable of helping in the present moment

PACKAGING & PRICING: Zeroing in on exactly what you're selling and how much you're selling it for (hint: you should probably be charging more than you think!).

MESSAGING: Strategizing how you're going to present your packages to your ideal client in a way that not only connects, but makes them reach for their wallet.


10 Steps to a KILLER Brand

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